P100 Magic Plus


Ρ100 is a peristaltic spraying pump suitable for all the materials in the construction field with grain up to 0-5 mm for spraying, jointing and injections on roofs, walls, bricks etc

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the p100 is suitable for spraying insulating materials, plaster with low to very high viscosity, for grouting, injection and microinjection materials with grain size of 0-5 mm on rooftops, walls, brick, stone etc.
Materials : cement mixtures, cement, stucco, plaster, adhesives, resins, polyurethane base, epoxy, etc.

the p100 is lightweight and easy to use, has a wide range of parts as the material is applied. With the change of the spray gun convert the p100 into a multifunction for almost all applications.

On syperilamvanontai price:

cleaning balls tires, machine Nr. 2 Ø 20

pVC cover
2 year factory warranty !!

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the Below video refers to p140

Also, the p100 can be converted to p140 after purchase with the addition of the second head

Continuous pressure hose

the peristaltic Umiblok company of pumps do not come into contact with the material than other types of pumps corresponding to the category of building materials such as single-phase pumps with rotor (screw).

the suction hose or the hose connected to the vessel Umiblok pump passes from the interior of the pump 4 metal rollers that rotate on the hose give continuous pressure on the material that passes through it.

for this reason they can apply materials with a granulometry up and 5mm, while the single-phase pumps with rotor (screw) can apply up to 2.5mm - 3mm because larger granulometry blocked rotor.

with the pumps p100, p120 and p140 you can spray almost all the Greek market materials !!!

See the video mode of the pumps Umiblok internal system:


Motor 1100W
Il.tasi/Frequency 220V/50 Hz
Material Flow 0 - 12 l/min
Maximum pressure 15 bar
Granulometry 0 - 5 mm
Maximum hose 20 meters
Weight 35 kg

the value of Magic plus p100 contains no accessories, such that depending on the use of adapted and corresponding accessories

Accessories for grouting - filling - plastering - spray

power Select material in p 100

Container 20 liter tank with suction hose andadeftira

stainless kod.MR/008 20lt kod.MR/037 Ø 20 kod.MR/028

Select delivery hose material

Hose Ø 20 - 10m Hose Ø 25 - 10m

kod.Mp/kod.Mp 044/052

Select Gun

High granulometry Mortar Mortar with small particle size

Kod.MR/034 Kod.MR/57 Kod.MR/81

eg plaster eg Cementitious

Accessories grout - mikroenemata

power Select material in p 100

Container 20 liter suction hose suction hose

plastic kod.MR/017 Ø 20 kod.MR/028 Ø 8 kod.MR/033

Hose Selection providing material

Hose Ø 18 - 1m with rubber Ø 18- 10m with hose Ø 18- 1m with

remote control (ON/OFF/remote control (ON/OFF/nose & manometer

REVERSE, REVERSE quantity regulator, regulator quantity kod.MR/004

stock) kod.MR/003 hardware and nose and manometer)

grout kod.MR/012

Nose mikroenematon kod.MR/014

Stabilizer material supply kod.MR/022

* For more information on the operation of UMIBLOK click here


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    Εχω βγαλει πολλα πετρινα σε αρμολογηση , σοβατιζω τα παντα, θερμοπροσοψη. Απλο στην χρήση, Φοβερο μηχανημα!!

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    MP60 Magic Plus full extra

    MP60 Magic Plus full extra

    The MR60 is suitable for grouting and grout micro grout any type of material with grain size of 0-5 mm in walls of brick, stone, etc.

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