AXV-AS pro LVLP spray gun


The spray gun AXV-AS is suitable for use with traditional compressors

Features of the spray gun enable the user to atomize the product precisely and uniformly with high level finisihing.

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The new creation of RIGO company! Minimum mist (dew) - 80% & Economy material up to 50% !! 100% Rigo, original and patented design

Thanks to its bottom tank with security closure and air regulator is mostly suitable for applying light and low viscosity products . Equipped also with;

  • double action trigger
  • product quantity regulation
  • air compressor connection
  • numerous accessories

AXV-AS Paint gun

The ECO approach to painting

Specific AXV-S and AXV-AS guns compressor allow spray application with LVLP system of various coatings and solvent or water-based paints on different surfaces (metal, wood, leaves, stones, walls ...) in various industrial and decorative areas such as carpentry, woodworking, auto boat maintenance etc.

The AXV-AS model, with lower 1lt container equipped with safety closure is suitable for light or low viscosity products.

The specificity of these new models is the possibility to regulate independently the amount of product injected and of the air flow produced by evaporation of the added ability to modify at will the width of the spray pattern.

The double adjustment system allows to cover a wide range of airflow combinations of products that can not be achieved with traditional spray guns of previous generations. It is thus possible to adjust properly the air mixture and the product, depending on the concentration (viscosity) of the product and the type of dye, improving the coating and the efficiency to get a smooth and evenly coated surface in a homogeneous and precise evaporation of the material.

- 100% Rigo, original and patented design

- Metal body, finished with teflon

- Metal of high quality components

- Air Discharge blocking system when the trigger is not pulled.

- Independent air flow and products with adjustable amount of material

- Ability to modify the width of the sprayed - design

- Equipped with many accessories

- Tested lifecycles over 500,000.

- The efficiency of transporting products to 85%

- Minimum overspray (cloud - 80%), meionontas loss of materials.

- Time saving up to 60% compared with a roller and brush

- Complies with VOC regulations

- The air volume and pressure is always at the optimum ratio

- High quality finish application, with clean and air narrow

(2 - 3 cm wide) signal, suitable for writing, decoration or

for the finishing touches to the already finished work

- Suitable for spraying in most modern coatings

- Effective in industries and crafts for commercial use

- Allows safe and accurate work

- Minimal maintenance and easy cleaning


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