G-DI Foam & Polyurea Gun


The new air driven G-DI gun features a mechanical self-cleaning system and is clearly designed for business use, providing the best quality mixing than any other gun on the market in the application of polyurea, polyurethane foam and a two-component materials such as epoxies. It works with all machines & polyurea foam of the global market!

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The G-DI is an extremely flexible and lightweight two-component gun. The special construction offers the possibility of working with spraying of 0,5 kg / min to 18 Kg / min achieving different shapes depending on the material and application (oval, horizontal, vertical). With the right choice from the wide range of nozzles and needles can be sprayed with high precision and maximum finishing quality in all applications.

The G-DI model is lightweight, perfectly balanced and easy to maintain, thanks to the new GAMA entry block, fast connection and disconnection.

The mixing of the two components become only the tip of the gun within the mixer and not on the inside of the gun as most guns.

Neither has a seal inside.

Mechanically cleaned = At ​​the end of the spray while leaving the trigger the needle penetrates the mixer the material and extrudes the mixed materials with 0 risk to clog the spray gun relative to automatic cleaning by compressed air that the mixed material cleans with air outlet.

In case of blocking of wrong use, you can unblock or change module or nozzle in less than five minutes even with gloves and working clothes !!


Outer mixing with high pressure
Mechanical automatic cleaning
No solvents are needed
Spraying without air (airless)
Automatic lubrication of the mixture chamber
It cleans easily
It works with all machines & polyurea foam of the global market !!

Specifications :

Maximum output material 1: 1 18 Kg / min
Minimum hardware output 1: 1 0.5 Kg / min
Maximum pressure 270 bar
Opening force 190 Kg
Closing force 190 kg
Approximate air consumption of 60 liters / min
Weight 1,4 Kg
Dimensions 20cm x 10cm x 21 cm

Disassembly Videos GDI

Αssembly Videos GDI

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