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Spray gun MAF for Professional Rigo "bacpack turbine" and "backpack" TPC01N

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Spray gun MAF for Professional Rigo "bacpack turbine" and "backpack" TPC01N

Features of the spray gun enable the user to atomise the product precisely and uniformly with an  extremely limited overspray effect.

What is HVLP

It is an ecological paint system that provides a high volume of air at low pressure (High Volume Low Pressure) .The pressure turbine according to the range of 0.1 to 0,5 bar. The air flow rate can be adjusted from very low to very high speed. paint easily, quickly and with great accuracy. Consumption of your materials is reduced due to minimal overspray (frost) -80%. The air generated by the turbine does not need water trap is always dry, warm and dry as opposed to the air that produces air compressor. The paint dries quickly and evenly spread on the surface. Ideal for all kinds of water or solvent paints.


Video instructions for removing the nozzle and needle


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    RIGO ASV hvlp spray gun

    RIGO ASV hvlp spray gun

    The ASV spray can be combined with all the turbines in combination with TMR backrest TPC01N base or the base with wheels TLMR or ESR HVLP spraying water or solvent based paints to metal, wood, masonry etc. through HVLP system.

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