A classic of reference for the spray painting market with HVLP system

Turbine HVLP T-basic 500W is an item that won’t go unnoticed, since it combines all the professional qualities of Rigo® products with the simplicity, reliability and concreteness that hobbyists need.

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T-basic is user-friendly. Just add the paint to the tank! It’s reliable. There’s nothing that’ll break and nothing to be adjusted that you might then adjust wrongly! It’s concrete in that it comes with a metal airbrush and a translucent upper tank, so you can always see how much of the spray product is there during use.


The spray gun with an upper plastic tank combined with TMR Turbines enables spraying of different covering materials, water or solvent-based paints on different media

Features of the spray gun enable the user to atomize the product precisely and uniformly with an extremely limited overspray effect.

The quantity of covering product can be adjusted on the basis of its density/viscosity by means of an adjusting screw.
Turn the air cap to obtain different types of spray (vertical oval, horizontal oval or round) with a very limited overspray effect.

  • upper plastic tank
  • efficiency up to 60-80%
  • environmental and health friendly


MRS gravity cup 750ml

T-basic’s components are 100% Italian. Its sturdy motor features a two-stage bypass. T-basic features a shoulder strap and a soft 1.5.m Flex connection. It can be used with the entire range of Rigo® accessories and can be used also for major, demanding workloads.
In other words, the entry-level is a real challenge, since it’s great for hobbyists and artisans alike. On that, you have Rigo®’s word of honour!



What is HVLP:

HVLP system can produce hot and dry air (by decreasing relative humidity by 40% on the average), all this to the advantage of a better and quicker material drying process.It can be used with all types of water or solvent based varnish/paint.The equipment can be combined with a considerable quantity of accessories and therefore customised for one’s own use.If used in combination with the rucksack for TPC01N turbine.


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