RIGO TMR90E hvlp


A small-powered, but highly-performing full optional

TMR90E is the Rigo small-size product with electronic regulation, it has all the best features of large-size TMR150E and TMR180E with very low electric consumptions. Perfectly suitable for general painting works not requiring the use of products that are particularly difficult to spray.

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Great value in a small format

As powerful as required, handy thanks to its 3mt Flex air tube, advanced thanks to the electronic regulation with remote control, it can be perfectly used in a great deal of situations, highly appreciated by the professional and extremely refined amateur.

The system can be combined with specific spray guns to paint at a high speed rate, safely and with great accuracy by decreasing costs and for the purpose of environmental protection with a low mist effect.

Moreover, the equipment can produce hot and dry air (by decreasing relative humidity by 40% on the average), everything to the advantage of a better and quicker drying process of the material.
The new 900W motor with new specific performances can provide for a more rapid execution of works and even for the application of thicker materials.

The TMR90E turbine has a touch control panel with led indicators. This innovation makes it easier and quicker to regulate the motor power by simply touching the buttons. Complete with a patented Rigo RF system as a standard. A radio control specifically studied to manage the motor power regulation at a distance, just as the control panel touch to optimise the quantity and degree of finish of the covering product also on the basis of its density/viscosity.

The Air Tube Flex system is a standard novelty too: tube specifically studied and accomplished to make the spray gun considerably handier and more user-friendly under any circumstance of movement.

It can be used with all types of water- or solvent-based paints and, in this case, due to the power and quantity of supplied air, even of heavier materials, such as plastic coatings (in combination with the MBL spray gun).

The equipment can be combined with a high number of accessories for customisation and fulfilment of one’s own needs.

   Remote contro                 Air tube flexible 7m

What is HVLP

The HVLP turbine spray gun was developed to meet market requirements.
The system is using a small but powerful turbine that can deliver a high air flow through a tube in order to supply the spray gun that can provide for a transfer capacity above 65% and, in special cases, even above 85%.
Every single component – turbine, tube and spray gun – is playing an important role in the whole system.
The demand for this compact and light equipment is constantly increasing in consideration of the tendency to limit polluting emissions for environmental protection in many countries.

A tendency also confirmed by varnish producers orienting part of the research / development towards the creation of more “ecological” products, such as water-based or solid content products (with a low content of solvents) that can however give good application results.


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