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If you have the Paint Zoom you can buy the semi professional gun M1. With the M1 HVLP gun you can paint all the water & solvent base materials of the market with very fine finishing!!

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If you have the Paint Zoom or want an extra gun with the purchase of Paint Zoom you can buy  gun M1 with metal needle, trigger, 800ml container and nozzle to spray all materials that dissolve with thinner Nitro, xylene , white spirit, water, etc.  better finish in relation to the plastic gun P1

* Plastic Gun HVLP = high volume and low pressure

* Adjustable nozzle, paints horizontally, vertically and aggregated.

* Metal needle injectors, 800ml container, trigger & quantity regulator - fan material

* Spray all materials in the market such as those dissolved by nitro, xylene, white spirit & water

* Better accuracy in painting and excellent finish

* Easy to use, high performance, low maintenance

* The size of the nozzle is 1,7mm.

* Best finish varnishes - enamel paints - metallic - Car colors etc.


Materials: primers, varnishes, enamels, red lead, polyurethane varnish, lacquer, acrylic, plastic colors and all materials are dissolved with nitro, water, white spirit (turpentine) etc.
Ideal for wood finishing, home furniture, paint the house, fences, gardens etc.

Disassembly Instructions & Synarmologisis plastic

Instruction for M1 gun you can watch at 7:30'' of this video

The gun on the video is similar but the M1 gun have metal cup!!


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