STAR 3001S (HP) Automatic


STAR 3001S is for Solvent base products and HP = High Pressure

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STAR 3001S is for Solvent base products and HP = High Pressure

Larius spray guns for liquid or water- or solvent-based electrostatic painting are able to paint in a uniform manner
over all of the piece, eliminating dripping and excessive thicknesses of the product deposited.
The advantages are clear:
- Less material waste
- Drastic reduction in work time and costs
- Improved quality of painted product
The pump can be used with the manual or automatic Star 3001 gun, powered by the electrostatic generator with
a low voltage cable.
The voltage multiplier is inside the gun. It is possible to store 3 paint programmes, selecting them directly from
the spray gun.

Main features

- The STAR 3001 gun is equipped with a probe to verify the resistivity of the paint, in order to ensure an
electrostatic winding.
- The STAR 3001 is extremely easy handling due to low weight and ergonomics of the handle.
- The STAR 3001 gun is built with a special technical result of extensive research to provide the best available
on the market.
- The seals inside the gun are entirely composed of materials of last generation, chemically inert to
solvents, oils and paints. 

Star 3001 Spray Gun Technical Features

Nominal voltage 0-75 KV c.c
Rated current 150 μA
Polarity negative
Short circuit current 200μA
Input voltage 12 V c.a
Input current 1.5 amp.max
Frequency input 33 Khz
Maximum voltage output 90 Kv
Maximum pressure output 200 bar
Maximum weight of the manual spray guns 750 g

The generator is equipped with a touch panel for voltage recording and maintains the fundamental parameters
for the electrostatic effect. A probe is connected to the generator to verify the resistivity of the product.

Star 3001 Generator Charateristics

Rated Current 1.5 Amp.max
Supply voltage 85-265 Vca-50/60 Hz
Power cable length 2 m
Protection class IP 64
Output voltage 12 Vca



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