Larius Electrostatic Powder Paint

CH200 is a practical and easy to use powder coating system poudra.Less material loss during spraying, fewer hands, faster production lines, perfect balance, perfect handling, light weight, high product efficiency.

PERFECT FOR ANY finishing powder, on any surface!

The CH200 is complete electrostatic powder paint units:

- Electro - pneumatic generator: Combination electric and pneumatic power with absolute control.

- Dust container or vibrating table.

- Venturi pump for the suction and transport of the powder in the spray gun.

- Trolley to transport the entire system.

- The spray gun CH200 consists of a block of epoxy resin vacuum that guarantees maximum levels of electric isolation and mechanical strength.



CH200 Gun manual & automatic



CH200 powder suction system



 CH200 gun TRIBO manual & automatic


The CH200 spray gun can be substituted by the CH200 TRIBO tribo electric spray gun powered by a mixture of
powder/air via a powder passage hose and a compressed air hose: the powder is charged inside the spray gun by friction and the intensity of the additional air allows for regulation of the tribo electric effect.


Technical Specification

Power supply 220V
Maximum air supply 7 bar
60 W Power Installed Capacity
frequency 50Hz
powder flow 3-20 Kg / h
polarity Negative