his spray gun with an anodised lower cup tank with a autoclave closure that can be combined with TMR Turbines enables the user to spray several coverings, water or solvent based varnishes, on different media (metal, wood, masonry…) by means of a HVLP system.


The complete system can provide for a smooth and uniform surface.
The quantity of covering product can be adjusted on the basis of its density/viscosity by means of an adjusting screw.
Turn the air cap to obtain different types of spray (vertical oval, horizontal oval or round) with a very limited overspray effect. Moreover, a new air cap can provide for a better application for finer and more liquid products. The nozzles supplied enable the user to optimise the finish and the quantity of sprayable product.

The spray gun features enable the user to atomise the covering product, to wrap it up in air jet and to gently and accurately settle it on the surface to be painted.
As a consequence, it enables the user to avoid or to limit the overspray effect by reducing the dispersion of spraying materials by 20-40% in the air compared to traditional systems, thus increasing the yield up to 60-80%, also to the advantage of the operator’s health and the environment.

Combinable with :

TMR55    TMR80     TMR140  TMR90E   TMR150E TMR180E