Since 1969, LARIUS has been providing a wide range of products for professional dyeing equipment and advanced spray systems for all building materials, industry, shipping, etc. as well as coating applications used in large industrial units for automatic application of liquid materials but also in powder form. The market is constantly changing: new needs, new information. For this reason, Larius spend time in continuous research, technological innovations, based on the know-how of more than 40 years of experience in which thousands of machines have been designed, tested and shipped to Worldwide.

Our opinion on LARIUS company:

The espray company after 10 years of research, knowledge and experience in airless machines and with worldwide innovations and unique solutions in the field of spraying materials is able to know well which company is in line with our standards, manufacturing quality and complete solutions for all fields in the application of materials with airless spray systems.

Why Larius:

We have visited many Italian companies in their field but none compare with LARIUS. No one has 40 years of experience, it does not have its own factory with 40 employees, over 500 different models in all areas (spraying, striping, electrostatic painting etc.)showrooms, testings .  digital design and dealers all over the world !! The metal parts of the machines (heads, pistons) guns, injectors etc. are produced at their factory and are 100% Italian and not Chinese!

We believe that LARIUS outweighs by far because it is the leading Italian company and one of the best worldwide.

The reason: the professional staff, the experience, the quality, the durability of the machines over time and expertise on the object it represents.
We want our customers to enjoy these privileges and all our machines are assured that they will not have a problem in use.Also all parts of the pump are 100% tested !!

LARIUS machines have thousands of professionals all over Greece and only positive comments their making about their many years of experience.

Below are some LARIUS models that work perfectly even after years of heavy use.

Vega model 1989

and yes still working after 29 years !!

Service ? seals + cleaning and works seamlessly with a maximum pressure of 200 bar!!

THOR model 2003

This is after our general service.

Four airless Thors work non-stop for 10 years from one of the largest construction companies in Greece . Each THOR has sprayed more than 1000 tons of fire-resistant materials as the owners told us and is the best airless model that he ever have !!

The rest its up to you