The PEGASO apparatus is an electric pump, used for spraying wall plaster or synthetic materials for covering indoor and outdoor walls. The apparatus is equipped with a 50 liter tank, easy to fill and funnel-shaped, which makes it easy for the material to fall into the peristaltic pump. The pump, easy to maintain, allows for a regular and constant flow of the product.
On the end of the feed pipe there is a maximum pressure valve, in order to eliminate choking or occlusions that can damage the pipe. When the operator squeezes the trigger on the gun, the flow and pressure of the pump start, creating a soft flow of material. When the trigger is released, the flow stops. The supply of vaporization air only occurs if the trigger is squeezed.


Acoustics, stucco, fibre coatings, fillers, water proofing, soundproofing mortars, cement sealants, cement adhesives, granular plasters, cement plasters, filling plasters, silicate paints

**Cement material that can be used with resin-based binder


- Higher productivity and maximum capacity to convey the product (hoses up to 30 meters in length). 
- Powerful and ultra silent compressor. 
- The pumping hose is easy to replace in just a few minutes without having to use any tools (large material hopper of 50
-liter capacity, removable from the carriage without having to use any tools). 
- Funnel-shaped hopper: facilitates the filling operations, dropping of the material into the pump and maintaining the material flow in the pump. 
- Hopper constructed of non-stick material to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance operations. 
- Gentle start of material flow: pulling the gun trigger the pump flow and pressure start and as soon as the trigger is released they stop. 
- Atomization air is delivered only when the trigger is pulled. 
- No risk of product contamination since isolated from the pumping device. 
- Excellent uniformity of finish: no sudden material charges.

Technical Specifications:

Voltage 220 V /115 V
Max water pressure 7 Lt/min
Max flow  10 bar
Max air pressure 7 bar
Power  0.18 Kw
Compressor 1.5 Kw - 283 lt /min
Motor generator 9.0 Kw Single phase
Weight complete machine 110 Kg
Max hose length 30 meter
Max solid content for the gun 3 mm
Drum capacity 50 liter
Acoustic level Max 60 db (A)

*The hose length is based on the viscosity and density of used materials