The LARIUS MINIPEGASO double-membrane pneumatic pump is composed of two chambers, which are alternately in suction and delivery through the action of the two Teflon membranes. The alternate movement is obtained by means of an inversion device fed with compressed air. The MINIPEGASO pump is used in all processes requiring a high rate of productivity, the use of dense materials and aggregates, and when the treated fluid must not come into contact with the pump components.



Application materials

Acoustics, stucco, fibre coatings, fillers, water proofing, soundproofing mortars, cement sealants, cement adhesives, granular plasters, cement plasters, filling plasters, silicate paints

 Complete with: 
- Tex Gun. Nozzles included ( 4-6-8- mm) 
- Low pressure hose Ø 20x26 mt.10 
- Gravity tank lt.50


- Higher productivity and maximum capacity to convey the product (hoses up to 30 meters in length).
- Powerful and ultra silent compressor.
- The pumping hose is easy to replace in just a few minutes without having to use any tools (large material hopper of 50
-liter capacity, removable from the carriage without having to use any tools).
- Funnel-shaped hopper: facilitates the filling operations, dropping of the material into the pump and maintaining the material flow in the pump.
- Hopper constructed of non-stick material to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance operations.
- Gentle start of material flow: pulling the gun trigger the pump flow and pressure start and as soon as the trigger is released they stop.
- Atomization air is delivered only when the trigger is pulled.
- No risk of product contamination since isolated from the pumping device.
- Excellent uniformity of finish: no sudden material charges.


Position 1: Trolley
Position 2: Air pressure gauge for pump
Position 3: Manometer low pressure
Position 4: Air intake for pump feed
Position 5: Gun air pressure gauge
Position 6: Product delivery valve
Position 7: Recirculation valve
Position 8: Gun pressure adjustment knob
Position 9: Cover
Position 10: Tank
Position 11: Product recycling hose
Position 12: Gun





Power Compressed air
Max. water flow rate 40 l/m
Max Fluid Pressure 7 bar
Max Air Pressure 7 bar
Complete machine
47 Kg
*Max Hose length 30 mt
Max. granulometry
with gun
2/3 mm
Hopper capacity 50 l
Acoustic Level Max. 50 db (A)