Shoulder transp. PMR




The anatomical support for the shoulder transportation of TMR Turbines is a frame including a special spray gun called MAF1, directly connected to a 6lt-tank to increase endurance. The system is conceived to let the user’s hands free and to enable him to easily move.
The spray gun MAF1, supplied with TPC01N, enables the user to apply several coverings, such as water or solvent* based varnishes and wall paints, on different media (metal, wood, masonry…). Thanks to its characteristics it ensures the atomisation of the covering product, wrapping it up in an air jet and gently and accurately settling it on the surface to be painted. It is possible to spray in different shapes by turning the air cap (vertical oval, horizontal oval or round) with a very limited overspray effect.The quantity of covering product can be adjusted according to its density/viscosity by means of an adjusting screw.









Frame TPC01N with turbine TMR named PMR:



                   PMR55                                           PMR80                                       PMR140



                   PMR90E                                        PMR150E                                    PMR180E