Viking Liner 2 Colors


Larius Airless line striper applications - Line striping solutions, line striping equipment, line striping machines & systems- road marking technology Larius Viking airless spray road marking machine for cold paints 2k 1:1 . The product dries before and is even more resistant.

The VIKING LINER line marker uses a diaphragm pump. This pump is used for high pressure painting without air (from this process derives the term “airless”). The pump is controlled by a motor coupled with a rubber belt. A cam shaft and a connecting rod allow to obtain the reciprocating motion necessary to the working of the “pumping group” diaphragm. The diaphragm movement produces a “depression”. The product is sucked, pushed towards the pump outlet and then sent to the gun through the high pressure flexible hose. A mechanical device allows to adjust and control the pressure of the material coming out of the pump. A safety valve avoiding over pressure guarantees the total reliability of the equipment.

Advantages of use 

Net and clear lines on any kind of pavement with one coat only.

Reduction of Over spray.

Saving of paint up to 30%.

Reduction of the vibrations.

The paint dries quickly.

Reflective bead application.

50 litre non-stick hopper.

Template works and curved marking.

Intuitive use by the operator.

Optional equipment.

Easy cleaning and maintenance.

Technical Specifications:

Motor power (Yamaha) 12.75 HP
Max pressure  210 bar
Max flow rate 8 lt / m
Dimensions 1650 x 750 x 1000 
Weight 130 Kg

*Multi-purpose: airless sprayer

Standard Equipment 

2 Filter with pressure gauge
2 Suction - recycling systems
4 Super fast clean bases
2 Super fast clean nozzles 11-40
2 Super fast clean nozzles 13-40
1 Tool pack
1 Double twine 7.5 mt
1 Manual pneumatic gun 


Pneumatic bead blasting gun
Laser pointer kit
Working spotlight
Operator platform

Application Fields 

• External or underground parking lots (schools, hotels, airports, supermarkets, train stations, subway stations, ports)

• External public areas

• Industrial and exhibition building areas

• Freeway service areas and service stations

• Pedestrian median lines, intersections, bicycle tracks, reserved lanes

• Internal and external logistic area markings

• Playing fields.

Description of the Equipment

Position 1: Pumping group
Position 1.1: Product pressure setting knob (1)
Position 1.2: Product pressure setting knob (2)
Position 1.3: Oil level check glass
Position 2: Filter
Position 2.1: Pressure gause
Position 2.2: Oil tap
Position 3: Gun group
Position 3.1: Product gun (1)
Position 3.2: Product gun (2)
Position 3.3: Pearls gun
Position 4: Super fast clean nozzle
Position 5: Manual gun
Position 5.1: Product tube (1)
Position 5.2: Product tube (2)
Position 5.3: Product application regulators

Position 1: Regulators unit
Position 1.1: Pneumatic flow regulators
Position 1.2: Pressure gauge
Position 1.3: Pressure regulator
Position 1.4: Manual air gun supply air valve
Position 2: Bead tank
Position 2.1: Manual bead descent valve
Position 3: Product tank (2)
Position 3.1: Product tank (1)
Position 3.2: Product recirculation tube
Position 3.3: Tank fill cap
Position 4: Product supply pressure gauge
Position 4.1: Product supply manual open/close valve manual gun

Viking Liner 2K, for product with changeless viscosity, Ratio 1:1

Professional airless road-marking equipment for 2K products in ration 1:1, self-propelled and with automatic line sequencer. This equipment makes a single stripe with or without interruption. It's done for middle-big size marking works. It works with particular 2k airless paint.