Excalibur Liner 


The LARIUS airless line markers successfully join product performance with operator requirements and allow the marking and the maintenance of any kind of pavement lines on roads, motorways, airports, pedestrian crossings, cycle paths, yards and wherever is required by the Highway Code with regards to horizontal road signs, guaranteeing perfect lines on different surfaces.
The airless technology provides the high pressure spraying of the paint through a nozzle having centesimal dimensions as compared to the traditional low pressure spraying in which the paint flow is atomized through the air contribution.

The machine 50-liter tanκ which fined with anti-splash cover. Funnel-shaped in non-stick material for easy cleaning when the job is done. The AT250 airless spray gun is able for 3 to 30 cm wide lines, mounted on an adjustable block: changes the spraying range by changing the height of the spray gun or the nozzle. Excalibur has trolley structure with ergonomic hand grip which allows comfortable, easy and precise machine driving to achieve the best line quality. The 400mm pneumatic wheels guarantee stability and easy of movement and cushion unevenness of the road surface. 


Technical Specifications:

Motor power: 4 kW
Max. Delivery: 3.5 l/min
Max. pressure: 210 bar
Airless spray-gun: AT 250
Supply: Petrol
Size of nozzles: 11x40 - 13x40 - 17x40
Tank: 20lt / 50lt
Colors: 1
Manual line-marking: series
Applications: Medium jobs of line marking and road maintenance
Multi-use sprayer: series
Weight: 105 Kg
Lenght: (A) 1650 mm
Height: (B) 1000 mm
Width: (C) 750 mm
Vibrations: L=1.8 m/s2

Standard Equipment 

1 Filter with pressure gauge
1 Diameter of antipulsation tube  Ø 1/4” mt.15
1 Recirculation tube
1 50L gravity tank & closure valve and extractible filter
1 Manual airless spray-gun AT250
1 Super fast clean base
3 Super fast clean nozzles
1 Tool pack


Glass beads dispenser kit complete with tank (for one gun)
Laser pointer kit

Applications Fields

• External or underground parking lots (schools, hotels, airports, supermarkets, train stations, subway stations, ports)
• Outdoor public areas
• Industrial and exhibition building zones
• Freeway service areas and service stations
• Pedestrian median lines, intersections, bicycle tracks, reserved lanes
• Marking of indoor and outdoor logistic areas
• Sports and play grounds



Position 1: lt. 20 tank - lt. 50 tank
Position 2: Recirculation tube
Position 3: Suction intake valve (versione 50 lt.)
Position 4: Product supply tube
Position 5: Pumping group
Position 6: Gun AT250
Position 7: Pivoting wheel
Position 8: Gasoline tank
Position 9: Brake
Position 10: Draught hose (20 l version)
Position 11:Gun-holder arm

Position 12: Manometer
Position 13: Potentiometer for adjusting the operating pressure
Position 14: ON/OFF switch
Position 15: Safety-recirculation valve
Position 16: Plug for filter
Position 17: Directional wheel lock/release lever
Position 18: Gun operating lever
Position 19: Recirculation lines
Position 20: Draught lines
Position 21: Recirculation lines (50 l version)
Position 22: Gun connection lines
Position 23: Pumping unit connection lines
Position 24: Compensation valve