The EVEREST TH LINER is a self-propelled device which was conceived and designed for performing road markings along particularly difficult tracts of uneven road where marking would otherwise be difficult to complete. The internal combustion engine, mounted upon the undercarriage, powers the alternative piston pump and the alternator which is used for charging the battery unit. The two-wheel frontal-traction is powered by an electric motor which allows for easy operator movement, even on medium-grade inclines.

The control zone allows for the possibility of:
• Activating the two dispensing spray guns
• Enabling or disabling the frontal steering wheel
• Increasing the motor’s Rpm
• Enabling / disabling front-wheel traction
• Gradually increasing the advancement speed of the self propelled undercarriage 
• Opening / closing flow to the 2nd spray gun 
• Selecting solid or broken-line painting functionality

This type of device is capable of marking two side-by-side lines of the same color simultaneously. The lines may be solid, broken or mixed.

EVEREST TH LINER allows for the marking and maintaining of all types lines on highways, freeways, pedestrian crossings, parking lots and squares, as well as every horizontal marking required by the highway code. Airless marking has numerous proven benefits with respect to line-markers with pressurised tanks, which have been rendered obsolete by airless-technology line markers.

 With the new distribution system of reflecting pearl, the “EVEREST TH LINER” unit can produce a system of more visible and therefore safer roadway indication, even in the worst weather. The pearlized distribution kit is composed of a drop tank with two openings, two rubber tubes that carry the reflecting pearls to the distributors.


Picture Description: 
Position 1:Drop tank
Position 2:Filling tubes
Position 3:Reflecting pearls distributors
Position 4: Valves for opening / closing the refracting material distributor

Standard Equipment 

1 High pressure hose  Ø 3/16” mt.10
1 Piston surge compensator
1 Recirculation hose
1 50 liter gravity tank & stop valve and extractable filter
7 Super fast clean nozzles
1 AT250 manual airless spray-gun
1 LA95 automatic airless spray-gun
3 Super fast clean bases
7 Super fast clean nozzles 
1 Pole with flashing light
1 Lining setting and speed control board
1 Automatic glass bead dispenser
1 Laser pointer kit
1 Working spotlight
1 Operator platform
1 Tool pack


Operator holder seat kit

Technical Specifications:

Motor power: 14 HP
Max. Delivery: 9 l/min
Max. pressure: 230 bar
Airless spray-gun: AT 250
Supply: Petrol
Size of nozzles:  13x40 - 17x40 - 21x40 - 19x40
Tank:  50lt
Colors: 1
Automatic line-marking: series 
Applications: Excellent road-marking and maintenance
Multi-use sprayer: series
Weight: 260 Kg
Lenght: (A) 2000 mm
Height: (B) 1100 mm
Width: (C) 800 mm
Vibrations: L=1.5 m/s2


• External or underground parking lots (schools, hotels, airports, supermarkets, train stations, subway stations, ports)
• External public areas
• Industrial and exhibition building zones
• Freeway service areas and service stations
• Pedestrian median lines, intersections, bicycle tracks, reserved lanes 
• Internal and external logistic area markings 
• Playing fields.


Position 1: Airless manual gun AT 250
Position 2: High pressure hose         
Position 3: Internal combustion engine
Position 4: Gun holding arm
Position 5: LA95 airless spray-guns
Position 6: Stablizer lifting cylinder
Position 7: Additional cord pull-start ignition
Position 8: Reflecting pears distributors                           
Position 9: Super fast clean nozzle


Position 10: Automatic lever for selecting solid or broken line painting functionality
Position 11: Laser pointer
Position 12: Manometer       
Position 13: Manual airless spray intake valve
Position 14: Spray-guns intake valve
Position 15: Product supply tube
Position 16: Recirculation tube
Position 17: Recirculation - safety valve
Position 18: Intake filter                         
Position 19: Internal combustion engine accelerator
Position 20: Machine driving lever
Position 21: Forward and backward selector
Position 22: Light switch
Position 23: Manual spraying control switch