K2 ECO Self Propelled 


The unit LARIUS K2 is defined “piston pump”. This pump is used for high pressure painting without air (from this process derives the term “airless”). The pump is controlled by an motor coupled with a reduction gear. A cam shaft and a connecting rod allow to obtain the reciprocating motion necessary to the working of the “pumping group” diaphragm. The piston movement produces a “depression”. The product is sucked, pushed towards the pump outlet and then sent to the gun through the flexible hose. A mechanical device allows to adjust and control the pressure of the material coming out of the pump. A safety valve avoiding over pressure, guarantees the total reliability of the equipment.

Battery-powered professional ecological airless line striper self-propelled. Paints a solid or broken line in one color. Ideal for medium-sized indoor or outdoor line painting jobs and maintenance. Use filtered water or solvent-based non-reflective paint specifically.
The machine 50-liter tan which fined with anti-splash cover. Funnel-shaped in non-stick material for easy cleaning when the job is done. The AT250 airless spray gun is able for 3 to 30 cm wide lines, mounted on an adjustable block: changes the spraying range by changing the height of the spray gun or the nozzle. K2 ECO has trolley structure with ergonomic hand grip which allows comfortable, easy and precise machine driving to achieve the best line quality. The 400mm pneumatic wheels guarantee stability and easy of movement and cushion unevenness of the road surface. 


Technical Specifications:

Motor power: 1 kW (1.3 Hp)
Traction engine power: 0,6 kW (0,8 Hp)
Max. Delivery: 2 l/min
Max. pressure: 200 bar
Supply: 24 V
Weight: 185 Kg
Weight with batteries: 260 Kg
Lenght: (A) 1800 mm
Width: (B) 1100 mm
Height: (C) 800 mm

Standard Equipment

1 Filter wit pressure gauge
1 High pressure hose Ø 3/16” mt.10
1 Recirculation hose
1 50-liter gravity tank & stop valve and extractable filter
1 AT250 manual airless spray gun
1 Super fast clean base
3 Super fast clean nozzles
1 Rod with flashlight
1 Battery charger
1 Speed and battery control panel
1 Toolkit

Laser pointer kit

Description of the Equipment


Position 1: Pressure control knob
Position 2:Reduction casting
Position 3: Suction Tube
Position 4: High pressure hose
Position 5: Airless gun
Position 6: Product tank
Position 7: Suction filter
Position 8: High pressure manometer
Position 9: Airless manual gun
Position 10: Trigger safety clamp
Position 11: Battery charger
Position 12: Drain valve
Position 13: Recirculation tube