The pneumatic pumps and Accessories of the Super NOVA work using the principle of airless painting: high pressure painting without air assistance. Atomisation occurs when the product is passed at a very high pressure (from 120 - 480 bar) via a small opening called “nozzle”.

The vast range of equipment and Accessories satisfies every need, determined by the type of material, the flow required and the degree of finishing desired.

The pumps may be supplied, according to the models, on trolleys, wall brackets, or on pail in order to ensure easy use and simple and fast maintenance.
















Airless painting guarantees:

Transfer efficiency: the percentage of paint deposited is higher than the total quantity released by the machine. High efficiency.
Airless painting exerts pressure on the product, forcing it to pass through an appropriately-sized opening (calibrated). The  product reaches such a speed and force that the impact with the air mass causes its division into minute particles. The pressure exerted is proportional to the flow required and the physical characteristics of the product.

The angle of the fan spray is determined by the size of the nozzle. It is necessary to change the size of the nozzle to alter the flow rate and the fan opening. The airless spray is composed only of paint; it is not subject to turbulence and is directional.

Pneumatic engine anti-freeze

• Better paint transfer onto the product
• No overspray
• Better atomisation quality
• Uniform jet spraying
• Quick application
• Material savings
• Anti-frost motor Nova - Omega series
• High flow capacity
• Sturdy structure, easy to handle and compact
• Allows you to work even in the smallest areas
• Automatic stop and start:
the pump stops automatically if the valve is closed on the
supply line and it restarts when this valve is opened.
• Flow capacity adjustment:
acting on the air supply valve and using an RFL unit
equipped with a pressure gauge the flow capacity is
adjusted more accurately.
• Adjusting the air supply pressure
the air supply pressure is adjusted acting manually on the
FLR unit pressure reducer. Operating with an air supply
pressure no greater than 8 bar much higher pressures
can be achieved thanks to the air motor's compression

Technical Features  


Ratio 68:1
Max pressure: 408 bar
Air input : 3 - 6 bar
Flow rate : 11 lt/min


Ratio 80:1
Max pressure: 480 bar
Air input : 3 - 6 bar
Flow rate : 9 lt/min


Ratio 45:1
Max pressure: 270 bar
Air input : 3 - 6 bar
Flow rate : 14 lt/min