The pneumatic pumps and Accessories of the GHIBLI work using the principle of airless painting: high pressure painting without air assistance. Atomisation occurs when the product is passed at a very high pressure (more than 120 bar) via a small opening called “nozzle”.

The vast range of equipment and Accessories satisfies every need, determined by the type of material, the flow required and the degree of finishing desired.

The pumps may be supplied, according to the models, on trolleys, wall brackets, or on pail in order to ensure easy use and simple and fast maintenance.














GHIBLI mist-les for super finishing



Technical Specifications 30:1 & 30:1 ZINC


Maximum Working Pressure 240 bar
Motor Pneumatic
Flow rate 4 lt/min
Ratio 30:1
Weight 20 Kg




Maximum Working Pressure 320 bar
Motor Pneumatic
Ποσότητα ψεκασμού 3,3 lt/min
Ratio 40:1
Weight 20 kg


Ghibli 30:1 ZINC



Ghibli 10:1 Texture








Motor Pneumatic
Ratio 10:1
Flow rate 15 lt/min
Grain -
Working pump pressure 2-3 bar
Working air pressure 20 bar
Noise Max 50 db(A)
Weight 17 kg
Maximum hose 30 mt
Dimensions ø 19 x 25 - ø 25x33