DRAGON is a very powerful electric piston pump suitable for thick materials such as polyurethane-based insulators, stucco, epoxy, etc.
It has a digital control panel and a suction piston.

Dragon is suitable for all materials with low to very high viscosity.

Materials: stucco or ready-mixed stucco, polyurethane based insulating materials, applied, fire retardant, thixotropic, viscous materials with high viscosity, colours of water, solvent, nitro, xylene, gasoline with minimum or no dilution

Dragon can take up to 50m of hose, spraying with .033 '' noozle viscous materials with a adjustable pressure up to 220 bar. It can also spray with two spray guns along with spray nozzles 023 ''. It is designed to be easy to clean and maintain.

2 years factory warranty!








DRAGON with YAMAHA gas engine




DRAGON includes: 

Ergonomic base with 2 wheels for easy transport.
back base for hose 
Digital control and pressure regulator 
pump filter

15 meters HP hose

1 airless L91X gun with tip and nozzle

Larius Toolkit with Pump Keys

Extra :

Up to 80 meter hose
Spray adapter for 2 guns (depending on material viscosity)

Gun extensions from 30cm to 3m
Work with 100 liter container or suction hose
Connection  with barrel or ton tank

With airless machiens we save more than 50% of material,time with the best results !!


Technical Specifications :

Single phase

Motor: Single phace DC
Electrical Voltage / Frequency 230V / 50Hz
Power: 3,2 ΗΡ - 2,4 kW
Weight: 66 kg
Max pressure: 230 bar
Max tip size: .033''
Flow rate: 5 lt/min

Gas engine

Motor Gas engine- Yamaha
Power: 10 ΗΡ - 7500 kW
Weight: 76 kg
Max pressure: .033''
Max tip size: 230 bar
Flow rate: 5 lt/min

Airless pump piston:

An electric piston pump is used for high pressure painting without air (from this process derives the term "airless - airless»). The pump is controlled by an electric motor in combination with a reducer. An eccentric shaft and a piston enabling to obtain the reciprocating movement necessary for operation of the "pumping group" piston. The movement of the piston generates a "gap" .The material is pushed towards the pump outlet and then sent to the gun through the flexible hose. An electronic device beside the reduction box, is used to regulate and control the pressure of the material leaving the pump . When the pump reaches the set value, the motor stops and starts again when the price is reduced .. A safety valve overpressure guarantees the absolute reliability of the equipment.