Giotto airless with 50lt hopper


GIOTTO is a very powerful airless electrical membrane pump designed for spraying all products used in buildings, metal constructions, insulations

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GIOTTO is a very powerful and practical airless electrical membrane pump designed for spraying all products used in buildings, metal constructions, insulations

Suitable for stucco or finished, polyurethane based insulating materials, applied, fire resistant, thixotropic, viscous materials with high viscosity, water colors, solvent, nitro, xylene, gasoline etc.

The GIOTTO can take up to 90m of hose, spraying with .031 '' noozle viscous materials with a maximum pressure up to 250 bar. It can also spray with two spray guns . It is designed to be easy to clean and maintain.

2 years factory waranty!!

Video with application of polyurethane base Hyperdesmo LV

Video with application plaster and acrylic paint

Demo video

Price includes :

Ergonomic base with 2 wheels for easy transport.
Back base for the hose
high pressure manometer

pressure regulator
10m hose
1 airless gun with noozle and tip base
1 gun filter

Suction hose with filter and return material hose

May take :

Up to 100 meters of hose
Spray adapter for spraying  with 2 spray guns (depending on the viscosity of the material)
Pump filter
Gun extensions from 30cm to 2m

6-liter tank or suction hose
Connection with barrel or ton tank

With airless application you save more than 50% of your material, you finish half the time with half wages !!


motor type
single phase
Electrical Voltage / Frequency 230V / 50Hz
power 2,4ΗΡ - 1,8kW
weight 45 kg
Maximum Pressure: 250 Bar
max noozle .031''
Maximum Flow: 8 lt /min

manual for use and mantain

Operation of the airless membrane pump:

The airless electrical diaphragm pumps are uses to spray materials such as paint, coating, finishes, insulators, etc. with high pressure airless spraying. The pump works with an electric motor that transmits  its rotary action to an eccentric cam connected to a piston dipped in an oil chamber.The piston with the action depressor absorbs the oil that pushes the pressure to the diaphragm which is a highly resilient and durable material vibrating at the same frequency as the piston.
This action creates a depression: the product sucks and is pushed by the diaphragm itself, towards the tube, to the airless spray.A special valve regulates the pressure of the oil circuit and the pressure of the product itself.


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    6000τμ την ημερα ΤΟ ΚΑΘΕΝΑ!!


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